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We have already received the short syllabus of HSC . But, will this syllabus really be short? It remains to be seen what the scope of this short syllabus will be and whether the 2023 HSC candidates will be able to finish it in a short time! If we look at the situation of the chapters of the current syllabus, we will see that some chapters have been omitted from each subject. The results of learning differently from each chapter are also mentioned. Students should be able to understand the important syllabus of HSC for reading.

HSC Syllabus 2023

We have published the restructured syllabus of 32 subjects for HSC 2023 examination here. As we all know, all academic activities for Kovid-19 have been closed since March 2020. In that case, the education minister has planned to take the HSC exam in 2023 in the middle of the year. However, everyone has very little time left for HSC exams. To this end, he has reduced the syllabus of each subject and presented a short syllabus.

You will find HSC Short Syllabus 2023 (new, modified or revised) here. Are you a HSC candidate for 2023? If the answer is yes! Then you have to follow the HSC short syllabus 2023 and study accordingly. Since the Board of Education has released HSC Syllabus 2023, along with Dakhil Syllabus 2023, you can download its PDF file from here. The National Curriculum and Textbook Board has published the HSC Restructured Curriculum for 26 May 2023. However, after some reasons, the HSC revised short syllabus 2023 was published on 26 May. So all HSC 2023 candidates have to follow and read this syllabus. Then by HSC Syllabus 2023 it will be possible to prepare for HSC exam in a short time.

HSC New Syllabus Download

In this article we have basically included a discussion about the new syllabus download relationship of HSC . Also, we have discussed with this short syllabus how you can better prepare for HSC Exam 2023. As a result, the examinees can prepare very well for the exam in a short time. Now the question may come whether the HSC exam can reduce some subjects and give auto pass or not! But taking the test or auto-passing results will not be acceptable. Therefore, a new syllabus for HSC has been published so that students can prepare for the short syllabus in a special way.

HSC New Short Syllabus Group Wise

There are total 3 groups of HSC candidates. Below is the publication of new and concise syllabus of HSC for 3 groups of Arts, Science and Commerce. There are some subjects that are compulsory for students of all classes. Moreover, the rest of the issues are different in the group division

HSC Short Syllabus PDF Download

We have already attached the PDF link of the new short syllabus of HSC with separate topics. Here you can easily download the entire folder zip file or individually from GDrive. So download the syllabus and start studying for the best preparation for HSC exam.

HSC Short Syllabus 2023

There are many subjects in HSC . Now we will discuss in detail the short syllabus of HSC . Recently Bangladesh Board of Education has released a new short syllabus for HSC . So, for those who want new short syllabus please read to the end of the post.

HSC Short Syllabus 2023

Bangladesh Board of Education has published short syllabus of HSC examination 2023 or 2023 rearrangement schedule. The minimum SC syllabus 2023 is given below.


Social Work 1st Paper

Social Work 2nd Paper

Soil Science 1st Paper

Soil Science 2nd Paper

Statistics 1st Paper

Statistics 2nd Paper

Physics 1st Paper

Physics 2nd Paper

Logic 1st Paper

Logic 2nd Paper

Islam Shikkha 1st Paper

Islam Shikkha 2nd Paper

Production Management 1st Paper

Production Management & Marketing 2nd Paper

Psychology 1st Paper

Psychology 2nd Paper

Finance, Banking and Insurance 1st Paper

Finance & Banking 2nd Paper

Sociology 1st Paper

Sociology 2nd Paper


Economics 1st Paper

Economics 2nd Paper

History 1st Paper

History 2nd Paper

Islamic History & Culture 1st Paper

Islamic History & Culture 2nd Paper

Home Science 1st Paper

Home Science 2nd Paper

Civics 1st paper

Civics 2nd paper

Art and Textile 1st Paper

Art and Textile 2nd Paper

Accounting 1st Paper

Accounting 2nd Paper

Geography 1st Paper

Geography 2nd Paper

Food And Nutrition 1st Paper

Food And Nutrition 2nd Paper

Higher Math 1st Paper

Higher Math 2nd Paper

Home management 1st Paper

Home management 2nd Paper

Agriculture 1st Paper

Agriculture 2nd Paper

Arts & Crafts 1st Paper

Arts & Crafts 2nd Paper

Biology 1st paper

Biology 2nd Paper

Bangla 1st & 2nd Paper

English 1st Paper

Engilsh 2nd Paper

Business Organization and Mgt 1st Paper

Business Organization and Mgt 2nd Paper

Chemistry 1st Paper

Chemistry 2nd Paper

Child Development 1st Paper

Child Development 2nd Paper


DSHE, NCTB, Board of Education, Dhaka Board of Education has published new HSC Syllabus 2023 for all to prepare for HSC exams in a short time. So we think this short HSC syllabus can be completed in a short time. So good luck to everyone for HSC exam 2023 with short syllabus.

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