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HSC Mark Distribution 2022. Many people are confused about how the number of HSC exams will be divided. Since the HSC exam 2022 is being held under the new rules this time and the HSC exam was not held in this way before 2022, so everyone’s knowledge about this new number division of HSC exam is limited. So those who want to know about HSC 2022 Mark Distribution should read this article in full and then you can know about HSC Mark Distribution 2022.

HSC New Mark Distribution 2022

In this article we have tried to give you an idea about this new distribution of HSC . Since HSC exam is very important in a board exam and before taking part in this exam you need to know all the knowledge related to board exam very well. So you must know very well about number division or mark distribution of HSC exam before participating in HSC exam. Mark Distribution of HSC Exam is given in the form of table below and its details are discussed.




HSC Mark Distribution 2022

Before we get to know about this new mark distribution of HSC exam, we will first know about the probable date of filling up of HSC exam form. A notification has been issued by the Board of Education for SSC candidates and it is mentioned in this notification that the date for filling up the probable form of HSC examination is starting from 13th April 2022 and the examination may start on 19th June. Although this is a probable date, since this notification has been published by the board, it can be said with much certainty that filling of HSC form will start from 13th April and HSC examination will start on 19th June. Will they publish HSC routine boards and get HSC routine from our website.

Subject Total Mark A+ Mark Pass Mark
English [1st& 2nd] 50 40 17
Subject With Practical 45 36 16
Subject Without Practical 55 44 18

HSC New Question Pattern 2022

This year’s HSC exam and subject mapping will assess a number of topics, including religion and moral education, information and communication technology, Bangladesh and world identity, and science. However, the boards did not provide any information regarding the HSC examination syllabus change. HSC Exam Syllabus 2022 is given on our website. If you wish, you can view or download our HSC Exam Syllabus from here. In case of HSC exam 2022, the time has been reduced, that is, usually HSC exam is held in three hours, but this time, since the situation is different, HSC exam 2022 will be completed in 2 hours. In 2 hours there will be 20 minutes for Naibtik or MCQ and the remaining one hour will be 40 minutes for composition.

HSC Mark Distribution 2022 Science Department

In the case of HSC Exam 2022 Distribution Distribution, English first paper and English second paper 50 marks have been allotted. Examinations of 45 marks will be held in all the subjects which are practical i.e. in all the subjects of science which have been used. 30 marks are allotted for Science and 15 marks are allotted for Mutual or MCQ.

Subject Total Mark A+ Mark Pass Mark
English [1st& 2nd] 50 40 17
Other Subject 45 36 16

HSC Mark Distribution 2022 Humanities Department

In the case of the humanities department also 50 marks have been given for the English subject as per the first and second letters and for all the subjects which are not practical i.e. for all the subjects which are not practical there will be a total of 55 marks. There will be 40 marks for written or essay questions and 15 marks for subjective or MCQ.

Subject Total Mark A+ Mark Pass Mark
English [1st& 2nd] 50 40 17
Other Subject 55 44 18

HSC Mark Distribution 2022 Business Education Department

In the case of business education department also 50 marks in first and second letter in English. That means test number 50 will be held. In other subjects of the business education department which are not practical, there will be examination number 55. In those which are practical, there will be examination number 45.

Subject Total Mark A+ Mark Pass Mark
English [1st& 2nd] 50 40 17
Subject With Practical 45 36 16
Subject Without Practical 55 44 18

HSC Pass Mark 2022

As the mark distribution of HSC 2022 exam is different from other times, it is well known that the pass mark will be different. Those who are worried about HSC 2022 pass mark or those who do not know what is the pass mark of HSC 2022 exam, read this part very carefully then you will know what is the pass number of HSC 2022 exam.

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